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ShipRite Software, Inc. 1312 Genesee Street, Utica, NY  13502
ShipRite™ Mail, Copy & More at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

After opening his first ShipRite™ Mail & Parcel Center in Cicero, NY, J. Mark Ford knew there had to be a better way to electonically handle sales.

So Ford came up with the idea to develope his own point-of-sale software. The end result was too good to keep to himself, so ShipRite™ Software was released for sales to other shipping retail businesses.

Now, several years later the company has grown into it's own corporation, with several successful businesses behind its name. Ford, as the current President / CEO, ShipRite™ Services has kept his mission statement the same as from the beginning: "To strive to provide powerful software systems to our customers at a reasonable price.  Fast, Powerful and low cost is our goal."

Mail & Parcel Centers

ShipRite™ started in 1990 as a single location Mail & Parcel Center in Cicero, NY.  In 1996, the company founder, J. Mark Ford, opened  a second location in Ithaca, NY at Cornell University.

A new location is scheduled to open in October of 2007, in Utica, NY.

The ShipRite™ Mail & Copy Centers are a full service shipping store offering customers of shipping choices that include USPS, Fed-X, DHL, UPS and freight.

The stores also offer other services such as copy centers, Speedy Signs & Graphics, faxing, key copy, storage, mailbox rentals and many other customer conviences.

Once a year, ShipRite™ also takes its shipping services on the road, setting up at the Bouckville Antique Show. ShipRite™ was welcomed with open arms by the antique vendors because ShipRite™ will package and ship anything, any size, anywhere. Antique shoppers can come to the show and purchace anything without the problem of wondering how to get it home.

ShipRite™ Software

ShipRite™ began development of a Windows based POS/Shipping software package to help manage each of its two ShipRite™ Mail and Parcel Centers. 

After 2 years of development and use in both stores, ShipRite™ began marketing it's software to other mail and parcel Centers.  In 1997, ShipRite™ began selling its software at the AMPC National Convention in Memphis, TN.  At that time, and for the following 4 years, ShipRite's™ Global Connect, proudly held the title of the ONLY Windows software with shipping and POS for mail & parcel Centers.  ShipRite's™ customers included independents as well as other franchises such as the Mail Boxes, Etc and Airborne (now DHL.) 

ShipRite™ University Storage & Shipping

In 1996, ShipRite™ branched itself out in a common sense business move: Offering students at Cornell University and Syracuse University an option to packing up all their belongings and lugging it home for summer break. ShipRite™ will go to their dorm, pack their belongings and take it away to storage for the summer, and then bring it all back in the fall. The business was so successful, other copycat businesses tried to do the same, but none were as reliable and as professional. ShipRite™ still holds the title of the king of student storage!

ShipRite is a member of the Associated Mail & Parcel Centers. Our unique status with that organization is that we are both a member (by virtue of our 2 Retail locations) and that of a GOLD SPONSOR vendor.